Original V8 External Live Karaoke Sound Card (Certified)


We know you might be wondering why is this V8 External Sound Cards, Live Karaoke Sound Cards this price, trust us when we say this is the original copy. There is fake or lower quality ones for lesser we can’t argue that, but they come with so many side effects you cannot control like excessive echo on some apps, bad feedback, charging issues, not compatible with various mics and lots more. if you ever want to get a v8 as a start-up soundcard for live streaming please choose this. A trial will definately convince you.

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The Original V8 Audio External USB Headset, microphone, mobile computer PC live sound card compatible with Mobile Phones, Computers, Tablets & Notebooks


1. 112 kinds of electro-acoustic, 18 kinds of sound effects, 6 effect modes.
2. Reverb size adjustment, microphone volume adjustment, high and low sound adjustment, recording volume control, volume control, volume control (headphone function).
3. Support mobile phone use, support single earphone use.
4. 7 kinds of connection methods: one mobile phone K song live, two mobile phone live broadcast, three mobile phone live broadcast, mobile computer synchronous live broadcast, one computer live broadcast, computer accompaniment mobile phone live broadcast, instrument input mobile phone live broadcast.
5. With Bluetooth wireless connection for phone and tablet to dispaly music.

Package List:
1 * Sound Card
2 * Audio Cable
1 * USB Cable
1 * English User Manual


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