Superfast Type C Otg Adapter to USB 3.0


Use your tech accessories with a USB connector in devices with a USB-C port with this easy-to-use, flexible little adapter. Transfer data, load and watch movies at high speed without compromising on quality

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USB-C to USB 3.0 Converter: Turn your computer’s USB-C port into a USB port and easily connect various accessories with a standard USB connector.

Easily solves adapter and conversion needs: Many tech accessories such as keyboards, flash drives, controllers, and chargers are connected via USB, but don’t fit in the new USB-C ports on mobiles, tablets, or laptops like MacBook Pro.

Fast and high performance: The adapter is equipped with a high-speed USB Type C male to standard Type A USB 3.0 female for fast charging, data transfer and video.

Reliable and durable: Made from high-quality materials for maximum reliability and durability.


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