Maono PD400X Mic


The PD400X podcast dynamic microphone is Ideal for Studio Recording, Home Recording, Podcasting, and Live Streaming and is loved and trusted by customers all over the world, proofed by Kickstarter, digital journals, and more professional media.  45% of users from SOUNDCLOUD and BUZZSPROUT chose it for podcasts. 40% of YOUTUBE choose it for high-quality video and live streaming with the bundle.

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●CARDIOID PATTERN: Equipped with a Cardioid pattern with excellent off-axis noise suppression performance.

●3-IN-1 MULTI-FUNCTION COMPOUND KNOB: easy to turn it to adjust the microphone gain, headphone volume, and monitor ratio, and press the knob to switch the adjustment mode.

●WORK WITH MAONO-LINK: Maono Link provides functions such as microphone gain, headphone volume, microphone tone, equalizer, limiter, and compressor allowing PD400X to perform more functions.

 ●REAL-TIME MONITORING: 3.5mm headphone real-time monitoring output, upgrade the amp to better support high-end monitoring headphones.

●1 TAP TO MUTE: Intuitive and easy to reach with a simple click of fingertip availability.

●STANDARD ⅜” and ⅝” THREADED INTERFACE: You are allowed to connect any bracket you like, with a desktop bracket iron plate.

Maono PD400X dynamic microphone is an all-around great mic solution that outperforms the competition in several key ways, including superior sound quality, reliable noise reduction, intuitive operation, and a powerful app! The sound experience is far better than other microphones on the market. it will be absolutely the perfect microphone for podcasting, recording, singing, zoom meeting, and voice-over…

The Maono PD400X dynamic microphone would appear to offer extremely good value. It performs well and has very solid construction quality that would suit a wide variety of users. For those who have minimal knowledge of post audio tuning and adjustment, the Maono Link software offers lots of easy settings to achieve different sound, depending on how the mic is being used


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