H8 Fifine Headset


Fifine 3.5mm headphone with 50mm drivers DYNAMIC DRIVER FOR GAMING, LISTENING TO MUSIC, MONITORING RECORDING, H8 Headphone with 1/4″ & 1/8″ Cables, Clear Sounding

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  • To start out a career, you need something reliable, which will not cause you any trouble on the path to be advanced. FIFINE H8 headphone is that exact workhorse to get you from noob to pro.
  • Hear all the footsteps and sibilance cues in gaming? Nailed. Be able to tell whether your ongoing podcast or vocals recording is clipping without meters? Yes. Get immersed in pop music wherever yohttps://livestreaminggadgetsng.com/wp-admin/admin.php?page=wpseo_dashboardu are? Absolutely. Need better sound separation to find the problems in your mix? No problem at all!
  • To be an all-rounder, you have to look like one in the first place, otherwise, you will not get a chance to showcase that you are really capable of doing various jobs. Being nowhere near the overly complicated design to tell you that it is for a specific application, FIFINE H8 just keeps a neat and simple look that you will not get wrong to use for either entertainment or work.
  • When you take a closer look, the understated appearance will give you some surprises: the headband sidings are decorated with stitches, and the metal extension comes in two-tone color with smiley logos right in the middle of the ear cups. All of them help to improve aesthetics and to give you the guarantee that you will not look bad with the headphone over your ear.
  • When wearing closed-back headphones in most cases, you have chosen the immersion of audio and the attention to detail over the stereo width. So it is important to make sure that you have the best isolation from the environment. So instead of fabric material, the dense ear cups of the H8 are covering leatherette. And with a decent amount of clamping force, the passive noise-canceling of the H8 can handle even outdoor usage.
  • The drawback of having a dense sponge sealing your ears is that the heat and moisture may add up. But the redeeming feature is that the leatherette is so soft and breathable that you will not get uncomfortable in a short time. And it becomes even more reassuring to know that the ear cushion is replaceable for comfortable use in the long term.
  • As a budget headphone, or what we called an absolute workhorse in your studio, it must survive after getting abused, thrown around and used very heavily every day. Thus, not just the cushion, but the detachable 3.5mm audio cable can be replaced. The H8 headphone is ready to take some beatings!
  • Just being detachable does not make the cord stands out from a multipurpose headphone, what’s the up sleeve is the coiled part. In a gaming setup, your PC or DAC is normally within an arm’s length, you do not need an insanely long cable to take up much space or trap you down. 4-feet is a decent length in that scenario. But it can stretch out to almost 10 feet when you use the headphone in a large recording studio where interfaces are not that close to you.
  • It is also built to work right off the bat. With the 32 ohms low-impedance, you do not have to beg the question of whether the device is powerful enough to boost my headphone. Instead, you just plug it in whatever devices that have a 3.5mm output and hear sound through the 50mm dynamic drivers.
  • The audio may be a bit bright for a studio headphone, but it comes into its own zone as a gaming headphone for FPS games. You can hear all the footsteps and pinpoint where things are coming from. And some sibilance cues can sound clearer in this pair of headphones.
  • Unlike some bass-heavy headphones for listening to music, it does not muddle the audio to get your ear fatigued. And because of the warmer tone that a closed-back headphone provides and slightly better bass reproduction from a 50mm driver, the pop music that you listen to will not sound like coming from far away.
  • The H8 has pretty flat mids without the treble and bass entering into this region. Using it for monitoring your podcast or voice-over recording, the nasal tone will not disturb you at any given moment. With the sound separation and full-body mids to hear the instrument in the mix, you can even use it as another pair of headphones to change the listening condition of your ears to make a more reliable and precise decision.

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