Fifine Bm88 Microphone Boom Arm Stand with Cable Mngt


In terms of audio improvement, a microphone arm like this FIFINE BM88 does almost the same as a scissor one. But where the mileage varies is whether it will blend more in your setup and be more convenient for your daily use.
The idea is to keep the mic floating lower under your monitors to get a low-profile image. In streaming or live podcasting, having the microphone in front of your face the whole time, you will run into a hard time making better contact with your audience. And that’s where a low-profile arm stand can save the day.

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It doesn’t dominate the frame, the audience can basically just see the top part of the mic while the arm is invisible. And without a mic arm blocking your view at all, you can also see the screen well.

Once you have the mic stand installed on your table, in most cases you may just let it sit there forever and whenever you need the microphone, you just pull it in front of your face. Then it brings us to the crucial question of whether the arms are long enough to cover the length from one side of the desk to the other side or from the back to the front. But the length that it reaches could never be the problem of the FIFINE BM88.

One of the best ways to install it is to go underneath the monitor to not block or distract your vision during game or podcasting.

The desk clearance of the lower arm is 2.8 inches, which allows you to use your mouse or keyboard without hitting the arm.
A scissor arm can also do so, but this LP (low-profile) type can do it in a less obtrusive way for you to stand when video conferencing or music recording.


The central joint of the upper arm cannot just rotate left and right, but also vertically, literally a two-way rotation. A scissor arm can also do so, but this LP (low-profile) type can do it in a less obtrusive way for you to stand when video conferencing or music recording. You can really bring it up to use with a shotgun mic for completely out-of-frame recording or streaming.


The ball head gives the best angular flexibility when it comes to positioning the mic at the very end. You can twist it to have some funky angles. It’s also easier to position the mics that are supposed to be used vertically. With two separate adapters, no microphone mount that they can’t handle, or even a wide range of lighting or lightweight cameras that have standard 1/4”, 5/8”, or 3/8” thread.

This kind of mic arm isn’t best known for their weight-carrying. But at least you don’t have to worry about it in this FIFINE BM88. It has plenty of strength to hold up a microphone that weighs around 1.5kg or more.


Horizontal Length 27.8 inches (706 mm)
Lower Arm Desk Clearance 2.8 inches (72 mm)
Upper Arm Desk Clearance 6.2 inches (157 mm)
The Thickness C-clamp Can Fit 2.4 inches (70 mm)
Maximum Weight Stand Can Load 1.5 kg
Shipping Weight 1.2 kg


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