PGA58 Shure Mic (Budget)


The PGA58 is a professional quality vocal microphone with an updated design that features a black metallic finish and grille offering an unobtrusive visual presence. Ideal for use in lead and backup vocal performance applications.

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The PGA58 is the entry level of the worlds most popular microphone, the industry standard SM58,the PGA58 live up to shure impeccable reputation of been the most durable microphone in the world
tuned to accentuate the clarity of the lead and backup vocal the PGA58 will fit perfectly,in your rehearsal room, your home studio and stage performance

The shure PGA58 can handle extreme volume with distortion. It has off and on botton to give you stage control with you need it most with a modest price tag.PGA58 is the perfect way to stage your rehearsing ,recording, and performing your vocal to a best standard

Cardioid dynamic vocal microphone delivers excellent sound for lead and backup vocal performance. The product includes a stand adapter, an on and off switch, and rejection of unwanted noise due to the cardioid pattern.

Key Features

  • 1 performace tested industry standard
  • 2 uniform cardioid pickup pattern for maximum gain before feedback and excellent rejection of off-axis sound
  • 3 internal shock mount for reduced handling sound
  • 4 tailored frequency responds specifically shaped for vocals
  • 5 durable and metal construction
  • 6 hardened steel mess ball grill that resist wear and abuse
  • 7 on/off switch for stage control
  • 8 effective built in popp- filter reduce undesirable wind and breath noise
  • 9 furnished with zippered storage bag and mic clip
  • 10 extremely durable under the heaviest use

11 shure quality,rugardness, and realibility

Additional information


It is advisable to still buy an original microphone cable when after purchasing this mic as the follow come cable is not as durable as the original version of this mic


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