Desk Phone/Microphone stand


Quality professional Adjustable Microphone/phone Stand and Live Broadcast Holder. Very strong and can balance well even in a smooth or rough ground, a must have for live stream, content creation, Church, mosque, studio, etc. Contains the base, tube and detachable holders for the microphone and phone.

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  • Quality professional Adjustable Phone Stand and Live Broadcast Holder.
  • Broadcasting and recording microphone stand, This stand is special design for heavy duty phones or microphone. The product is good for using at the conference room, church, and other public places
  • Rotates 180 degrees
  • Hard tube
  • Adjustable height
  • New series applicable to Mic and Phone
  • Stong and sturdy with its round base
  • Easy to fix and assemble. Heavy microphone standard stand wic microphone clip holder. A tripod microphone stand with the capacity of holding a single microphone which can be wired nor wireless. The beauty is to reduce artist stress and bring out his or her expression during concerts or rehearsals. Mic
  • Stand are music aid accessories that helps to beautify the stage during any presentation.


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